3 cool and cheap Garage Storage to know

3 cool and cheap Garage Storage to know

In decoration as in fashion, the trends go at high speed. some tell us about others a little less, in any case, we would like to have some good addresses in stock to regularly spot new Deco displaying more than affordable prices.

Here is our list of cool brands, trendy and accessible, to be known absolutely for decoration in tune with the air of the time, and to crown it all, at a lower cost.


Primark Home, the Irish brand to be robbed

Recently launched in France, Primark Home relies on the same sales know-how as its textile departments: with ultra-low prices and regularly renewed, it is difficult to resist buying compulsively. Born in 1969, the Irish brand has been able to take the turn of the decoration and offer message crockery, kitchen accessories, household linen. The price canon. Provided, of course, you have a shop near you.


For which style: Primark Home is inspired by the hygge trend, with beautiful pastel colors and trendy materials like copper. For a stylish scandi-cool or a first apartment, we rushed without hesitation!


If I only had to decorate one room: with his dishes falling, we want to invite Primark Home in his kitchen and on his dining table.


HEMA, the adorable and affordable little decor from the Netherlands

Founded in 1926, Hema, with its real name Hollandsche Eenheidsprijzen Maatschappij Amsterdam, is a brand specialized in low-cost objects. We go through all the rooms, from the inside to the outside: gardening tools, stationery, office accessories, household linen, decoration for the bathroom… Without ever blowing up the budget. The Hema boutiques, more and more numerous in France, also offer a very nice children’s and creative leisure section.


For which style: HEMA respects the traditions of the Scandinavian décor but relies on original products, between hygge Deco and pop.


If I had to decorate only one room, we’d sacrifice all the other rooms for the office. With its canon collections of stationery and small office accessories, HEMA makes you want to practice home-working or go back to school.



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