Best Options for Apartments for rent in the World

Best Options for Apartments for rent in the World

What are the big cities where it is good to live? An international consulting firm has established a ranking of the 10 “best” cities in the world, based on criteria combining infrastructure, cultural offerings, education, population diversity, and rent of apartments.
The international consulting firm Resonance Consultancy, specializing in tourism, urban planning, and real estate, has compared the world’s major cities and made a ranking to distinguish those where it is good to live and live. To establish this ” top 10 “, the design bureau, based in Vancouver (Canada) and New York (United States), crossed several criteria: population diversity, cultural and artistic events, level of education, institutions, and infrastructure.

San Francisco (California, USA)

The big city of California, the “West Coast Capital” of the United States, is a vibrant city, both economically and culturally, close to Silicon Valley, where new technology companies are concentrated. San Francisco Bay’s entrepreneurship is “uniquely connected to local (world-class) Stanford and Berkeley universities,” says Resonance Consultancy.

Regina (Canada)

Regina is another city that has all the required facilities to live a balanced life. Whether it is a matter of population diversity or level of education Regina is the most suitable city. Moreover, Apartments for rent Regina are also available at a reasonable price.

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

The first city in the United Arab Emirates after the capital Abu Dhabi, with a population of more than 5 million, Dubai has “become the capital of modern Arabia, religiously tolerant, socially liberal and forward-looking”, according to the consulting firm.


With its many parks and spectacular architecture, the very modern city-state of Southeast Asia has become a ” financial superpower “, spreading throughout the world. According to the study, the Singaporean government has already invested $ 16 billion to ” establish Singapore as a global development and research hub “.

Chicago (Illinois, USA)

Chicago, the capital of the state of Illinois, rose to 7th place. The Windy City is particularly distinguished for its cultural life: “blues bars, live shows and music festivals that mix genres.

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