Decorating your kitchen: top items 2019 home side

Decorating your kitchen: top items 2019 home side

An old fashioned hair or too rustic for your taste, your cuisine was thirsty for modernity in 2019! To help you restore its former freshness, the editorial team has produced articles specifically dedicated to the kitchen makeover and decoration. Topics that came at the right time, according to the number of clicks generated!
Always on the lookout for the latest trends, Côté Maison has compiled a list of quick and easy Deco ideas to implement to (re)Give style to your kitchen. Which painting to choose? How do I get pep? Renovate his kitchen and revisit his kitchen furniture without ruining himself… There are a thousand and one ways to offer a second life to his cuisine, and so many inspirations, sometimes contemporary, sometimes retro! So plus a minute to lose, take a look at the 5 kitchen decor items that you enjoyed the most in 2019

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Most seen items-relooking your kitchen furniture without ruining

Your kitchen furniture is old, damaged or you can’t see it in paint anymore? Don’t panic, in a couple of movements and with a little elbow grease, try them again with some nice decorating tips. Your kitchen will be transformed!

Read items-painting: trendy colors for cooking

In 2019, traditional white cuisine did not get your favor. Pink, yellow, green, blue…Your kitchen, you want it colorful and full of pep! The proof, our article dedicated to the painting of the kitchen goes to the top 2.

Most popular items – how to change the kitchen without changing everything?

When it comes to offering second life to his kitchen, without blowing the budget, you are a little lost and decorating tips are therefore more than welcome. In the third place of our top items to decorate his kitchen like a pro, find tips to renovate your kitchen thanks to some changes, sometimes very subtle!

Most read articles-20 good ideas for a modern and practical kitchen

Without its aesthetic side, a kitchen, however practical, is not pleasant on a daily basis. This is why decoration and furnishing often go hand in hand behind the furnaces! Aim for 20 tricks to make your kitchen a functional and optimized room without missing out on style.

Top 5 Most read items-10 kitchen credits that inspire us

Cement tiles, tomettes, subway tiles, mosaics… The credits, in addition to being resolutely practical, bring cachet and character to the kitchens and come in a thousand and one forms for your greatest happiness! The proof, these 10 trendy models dress the space between the bottom furniture and the top closets in a unique way.

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