Effectively ventilate your house with these tips

Effectively ventilate your house with these tips

Good ventilation is the secret to healthier air at home. Is it still necessary to know when and how to ventilate optimally and sustainably? We give you some practical tips… that are not lacking in the air!

Effective Ventilation. First a focus before the tricks!
We now know that, contrary to conventional wisdom, the indoor air in a dwelling is more polluted than the outdoor air. The indoor air quality Observatory even states that it can be up to seven times more polluted than outside.
The culprits? There are many of them: some household products, cigarette smoke, moisture mold… not to mention some materials used for insulation, which themselves return some toxic particles to the air.
So you can see that keeping your windows closed at double turns to avoid bringing the air in from the outside is the thing not to do.
Here are some of the most effective tips to flush out pollutants and breathe healthier air in your home.

1. Open your windows wide at least ten minutes a day

Whether it’s nice or cold, rainy or hot, open all your Windows ten to fifteen minutes a day, or better yet double the dose by doing it morning and night. It is obviously the best way to renew the indoor air and to exfiltrate all the airborne pollutants that circulate there.
Do not hesitate to aerate even more when doing DIY or cleaning, and of course when cooking or after showering.
And for perfect efficiency, aerate preferably in the morning before 10: 00 AM and / or in the evening after 9: 00 pm, when the outdoor air is the least polluted

2. Attic Ventilation Strategies

The attic is considered the most useless part of a house, however, you can use it for ventilation purposes effectively. There are several services in the market which provide the best strategies to ventilate the house through the attic. The Attic Venting Calgary provides the best services in this regard.

3. Always leave the ventilation grates open

Sometimes you may be tempted to close your ventilation grids, especially on cold days. Bad idea. Continuous ventilation, however discreet it may be, is essential for the proper ventilation of your home.
It also contributes to your safety if you are equipped with natural gas for heating, hot water, cooking … so leave your ventilation grids open 24 hours a day and every day of the year.
Moreover, since 1982, there has been a legal requirement for “general and permanent aeration” in every dwelling.

4. Never close the VMC

The same applies to the VMC as to the ventilation grids. Whatever the type of VMC (single flow or double flow), never turn it off unless it is extremely necessary. Controlled mechanical Ventilation produces particularly effective ventilation, preventing condensation and mold in your water rooms.
Clean air intakes and VMC obstructions very regularly. Clogged or obstructed, they would eventually prevent the VMC from functioning and retain pollutants instead of driving them away.

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