Cooking equipment: the list of essential utensils

Cooking equipment: the list of essential utensils

For those who have not followed my adventures, I now live in London for a one-year expatriation. Having to make strategic choices for my move in, I quickly realized what was really needed in the kitchen. I made choices to equip myself and choose the utensils that I thought were really necessary.

Are you looking to sort in your closets or are you just starting out in the kitchen? I help you choose the essentials to equip yourself well and create a minimalist kitchen with my list of preparation, cooking and preparation utensils.

Getting Ready in the Kitchen: Essential Utensils

You are ready to start shopping or to sort in your closets! Let’s start with the essential: having utensils that will allow you to eat.

Eating utensils

You’ll need the classics:

  • fork
  • knife
  • tablespoons
  • plate

Cooking utensils

1 Measuring Glass

Although we learn to dispense with it over time, the measuring glass remains indispensable in the kitchen. For my part, my measuring glass is a mustard glass. I use it to measure risotto and other miscellaneous recipes.

3 Bowls of Different Sizes

To prepare an omelet or pancakes, bowls are ideal companions. No need to break your head: Pyrex is solid and stable classics that hold well on the worktop. Some are now fitted with a cover. They, therefore, allow you to prepare and preserve.

1 Good Knife

This is the first utensil I bought when I arrived: a good knife must be part of the perfect package for a beginner in the kitchen

1 Cutting Board

It is of good size (neither too small nor too large) and wood. And if you think it’s dirty, that it’s poorly maintained etc. I invite you to read this article on how to take care of your wooden board

1 Mandolin

Not necessarily essential, it becomes so when you have to make grated carrots

1 strainer (for holes)

In fact, you can do without it but it remains difficult (the blow of I put the lid on the casserole is a little perilous or the blow of the clean cloth each time….) and then to rinse the rice before cooking we did not invent better

1 Razor according to your Affinities

Like the official knife, it is one of the indispensables.

Wooden spoons

So as not to damage its cooking utensils
1 small pot
For preparing sauces or cooking small quantities
1 large and 1 small stove
1 medium wok
To prepare Asian style curries and dishes, I have not yet found better. You can also use it for frying food
1 medium-sized cast iron casserole with lid
To simmer your stew or cook your vegetables…
1 steamer
It is the discovery of my stay, I who wanted to use at all costs the bamboo baskets, I find this system much more practical
1 large pot
To cook pasta, to make marinades.
I also made the choice of a pyrex: You can make gratins, lasagnes, etc. they offer versions of dishes that pass in the oven and also allow to preserve!
1 tart dish
Here it is as you wish in glass or not
1 cake dish
You can’t make sweet or salty cakes without a cake mold.
Food preservation
Transparent boxes made of Pyrex glass (various sizes) because they allow preserving (and cook)
And that’s it……yes, you heard me right: here is the list of essential cooking utensils. Of course, a few things may occasionally be missing but you can ask a friend to lend them to you or invest :

1 Blender
1 muffin mold or tartlets (if you cook a lot in the oven )
1 robot-multi function (your small arms can replace it for a while)
1 furnace plate (the alternative is still parchment paper)
1 whip (a fork can also do the trick)

And you, have you been sorting in your closets lately? what would you consider essential in the kitchen?

If you’ve been able to sort things out in your closet, have some advice, Leave me a comment so we can discuss it very quickly

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