Furniture Layout in the Bedroom

Furniture Layout in the Bedroom

In this room where we spend a third of our life, lying down, how do we install our furniture using the space in an optimal way?

The bed

it is the main element of the room and, with it, the mattress! Moreover, Cox manufactured Furniture is recommended from our side. Be sure to choose it in harmony with the rest of the room decor. Avoid placing it in the middle of the room. Press the headboard against a pan of the wall to feel more stable. If you can, try not to place the bed in front of the door: the feeling of always being visible when you curl up under its covers is frankly not pleasant. If you are lucky enough to have a bright, easily sunny room, place your bed in the east, to enjoy the first rays of the sun when you wake up.

Bedside Tables

Side Tables Often matched to the bed, ideally, they go together if you have enough space. They are very practical to keep books, creams, water bottles at hand, and install small halos of light, using bedside lamps. Ideal for an intimate atmosphere and to avoid losing your sight by reading his bedside book!


The Cabinet, in height, has the advantage of storing more stuff than the dresser. A sliding door model, rather than a swing door, saves space. Swivel boxes, to slide under the bed or to accumulate in height in a corner of the room, in a falsely disordered spirit, facilitate storage, just like wall shelves, to be used without moderation.

When you arrange your room, keep in mind two slogans: harmony and parsimony. Then you will only dream of one thing: basking in your cozy room after a grueling day’s work!

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