How to maintain Sun Decks?

How to maintain Sun Decks?

What are the different types of Sun Decks? How to maintain these wooden terraces and with what products? Read our advice in this article. And if you need help with the work, don’t hesitate to contact a jobber Frizbiz!

What products are used to maintain a wooden deck?

For a terrace, Wood is an ideal material, which slides little in case of rain. The wood is relatively light and adapts to a wide range of surfaces and terrain. It is also relatively easy to maintain. It is an environmentally friendly natural material. Wood is, therefore, the ideal solution for your garden and terrace. But the maintenance of a wooden terrace must be regular.

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A wooden terrace must be maintained at least once a year, twice if desired, after the wet seasons and abundant waterfalls. Note that wood, when exposed to rainwater (as is the case with a deck), tends to become greyish over time. Regular cleaning of the wood on your terrace is not enough to limit this unsightly effect, let alone to restore the original color of the wood on the terrace.

Some products are essential for your terrace. Using sodium percarbonate on a wooden deck, for example, is a very effective solution. It is a powder composed of oxygenated water and sodium carbonate, ideal for the terrace. In your mix, you need to count a ratio of about one dose of sodium percarbonate to 10 doses of lukewarm water to get a clean and well-maintained terrace.

Another natural solution for the maintenance of the terrace, the black soap will allow you to wash its surface properly. This requires mixing the equivalent of a black soap stopper for a bucket of lukewarm water. Soak a broom brush in the mixture and rub vigorously the terrace to obtain a good result.

There are also methods to fight against the change of tint on your terrace. It is generally advisable to use a trimmer, which you will find in specialist shops. But you can also opt for a more natural product than a degreaser, linseed oil. Be careful, however, because if linseed oil helps to clean your terrace, it can also leave black marks that you will need to sanitize.

Other products, such as varnish or paint, that hinder the breathing of the surface of the terrace should be avoided. Finally, know that to feed the wood of your terrace, you can use a saturator (we will come back later on the latter).

What are the different types of the wooden terrace?

It can be a balcony-terrace, a terrace adjoining your house or a swimming pool terrace. There are also terrace models designed for roofing. Each of these types of a wooden deck is generally available in two ways: :

Wooden terrace in The Shape of Blades: this type of terrace is presented in rectangle, like the wooden blades of a parquet. The space between the wooden blades allows the terrace to clean itself easily by removing water from bad weather, dirt, and dust more easily.
Wooden grating terrace: a grating terrace is made up of pre-assembled wood panels that sit and join together one after the other in a grid. The different terraces are also distinguished according to the type of wood used to make each terrace.

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