5 Ways to Improve the Thermal Comfort of your Home

5 Ways to Improve the Thermal Comfort of your Home

Summer and winter, for 47% of the American, having the ideal temperature at any time in every room of the house is a dream. We propose here five solutions to make this dream a reality.

1- Install a Programmable Thermostat

The programmable thermostat will allow you to determine the operating hours of the heating or air conditioning. In summer, schedule the activation of the air conditioning just before your return home to enjoy a fresh and pleasant space. In winter, schedule the heating activation one hour before your alarm clock to avoid getting chills when jumping from bed… The activation scenarios are numerous and adapted to your needs.

Thanks to the programmable thermostat, every room of the House has its ideal temperature, at the ideal moment, according to the preferences of each one. Consumption is thus adjusted to the real needs of the family.

2- Getting Weather Stations

Weather Stations for Home

The weather stations will allow you to control the shade and/or brightness of your rooms according to the weather. How hot is the weather today? The weather station captures the strong outside heat and communicates to the blinds, too illuminated by The Sun, the information to close to keep the room cool without even operating the air conditioning. Indeed, good management of blinds can lower the temperature of a room up to 9 degrees!

3- Sensors for Open Doors and Windows

My heating’s working, yet the house isn’t warming up. Indeed, I do not realize that I forgot to close one of the windows of the House. To avoid this unnecessary loss of heating, it is useful to equip yourself with open window/door sensors that alert you if a window or door of the house is open.

The control of electrical equipment from your computer, tablet or smartphone allows you to check the correct distribution of heating or air conditioning in each room of the House.

For example, from my computer screen, I see the heater running in one of the unoccupied rooms of the House. I just have to turn off the heat in this room from my computer. The weather forecast a sunny day, yet the storm started in the afternoon. The problem is that I programmed the air conditioner to activate before I got back from work… Thanks to remote control, I just have to disable the air conditioning from my smartphone!

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