Matching Paint Colors: the 4 traps to avoid

Matching Paint Colors: the 4 traps to avoid

Daring the colors in the decor, it’s trendy. But be careful not to make mistakes. In interiors, some marriages of color can lead to divorce! The House side presents you with the mistakes to avoid with the colors and proposes alternatives to create beautiful associations of tones in the House.
Matching colors is a perilous game… but accessible to everyone. It is often thought, wrongly, that only decorating professionals are capable of creating bold and successful color blends. House side proves you the contrary, with the help of Vincent Vallée, in charge of the showroom Little Greene in Paris. Discover the mistakes to avoid and the tips of a pro to help you. And if the marriage of Colors was finally a child’s play

1-  Marry more than three colors in the decor
It is a basic rule of decoration: never associate more than three colors in a room if you want a harmonious rendering. The mixture of four or more colors gives the impression of confusion, of roughness. The good trick: to match three colors without making a mistake, one of the ideas is to play with the camaïeux. Pale pink with an intermediate tone like raspberry with a touch of fuchsia, for example. Combining several colors of the same shade, in three intensities, is a sure way to make a mistake.

2- Choose the best painter Options in the market

The service provider for house painters can ruin the overall look of your house and rooms. Therefore, it advised choosing the best option available in the market. I always try to use the services of Calgary painter that is the best available option for me. So, be wise and choose the best one.

3- To make the overbidding in the colors

In a room, the eye is drawn to highlights. Combining several colors in one place is difficult to live with every day. The colors are killing each other. The eye no longer knows where to land. What is pleasant in a restaurant, a hotel or even a museum is complicated in a living room. If he is too busy, the eye gets tired and a bad general impression emerges. The good tip: before you start painting or changing furniture, you need to take stock of your desires. If it’s a well-considered choice, dare to put a definite color on the wall. If you’re still hesitating or unsure of the color, just change some decor items.

4- No difference between living rooms and moving rooms
Some of the rooms in the House are not well-suited to high-intensity color mixing. In a bedroom, living room or kitchen, avoid creating associations of unusual colors. In living rooms and those where one stays, strong colors or flashy weddings can quickly be tiring. The good tip: in the house, the passageways (hallway, entrance, dressing room, toilet), where one stays just a few minutes, allow to dare all the mixtures. Even the most contrasted! Marry yellow and red, for example, as a contemporary artist’s work. It is an opportunity to give free rein to his desires, especially as they are often poorly furnished rooms.

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