Top 4: Our Selection of shops for your shopping Deco

Top 4: Our Selection of shops for your shopping Deco

We are lucky enough to have many types of furniture and interior design shops. You can get various shopping ideas from this article.
Here are some of my favorites. :

(The) Conran shop

The Conran Shop is the idea of 8 furniture stores and decorative accessories in the world. The first store to open in London in 1973, then seven other Conran shops have sprouted everywhere (Tokyo, New York, Paris, Nagoya, etc). There are contemporary designer furniture and useful decorative items.

“The Conran Shop makes your interior decoration a true practical Museum From contemporary design to the latest fashion”.

What’s more: Conran restaurants have opened their doors in the biggest capitals!

My favorite: Their range of textiles is sublime, with patterns very original.


It is the most exclusive and excellent brand for home decor shopping. A large number of people have made offers from UKPromocode. You can also make a stunning offer by clicking the link.


Muji is a Japanese brand whose name means “quality without brand”. It was created in Tokyo in 1980 and offers articles for each room of the house and also clothes observing certain minimalism while keeping slight originality.
My favorite: the shelves.

Dutch Hema

Hema was founded in 1929 and was established in 2009 in France. This comprehensive Dutch brand offers everyday products at low prices. It is present in 7 countries and 670 stores. In 1970, HEMA decided to create its MMD (its own brand) after having experienced many improvements over the past 40 years (design, quality but always at a stable and affordable price). ”With average public prices about 20% lower than those of the major retailers ‘ own brands, Hema wants to continue seducing customers at very affordable prices.”

This department store has a wide range of products of “home and decoration” in which you can find: vases, cushions covers, lamps or even curtains, products of quality, of very different tones and motifs!

My favorite: the ready-made curtains.

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